5 Year Guarantee

5 Year Guarantee! We believe in our ADV STRAPS so much that we offer an unconditional 5 year Guarantee, if it breaks, we will replace it free of charge (see The Small Print below).

5 year Guarantee The Small Print (that is not actually small, as we have nothing to hide!). If your strap breaks in normal use, as they are intended, we will replace your ADVSTRAP without question, we simply charge a £5.95 fee to cover postage, packing and labour, it is the same price no matter what size strap you have and is a Per Strap charge not based on the quantity on order.

What is Normal Use? Normal use is deemed that they are used for the intended purpose they are supplied for and used within the operating limits. For example strapping something down that will not put force on them greater than 900 N / 90 kg of tensional force. If they break due to miss-use, that is not covered i.e. you decide to try and tow your car with them (which would be very stupid), or you try and secure a ton of bricks (or a ton of feathers) to the back of a van, or you use them as tie down straps for transporting your motorbike in a van or trailer (again this would be very stupid and not what they are for). 

So if they fail in normal use, you are covered. (and yes we can tell)

Please note, this is available No matter where you purchased your ADVSTRAPS, but you must have proof of purchase that links you to the order and register your product within 20 days of Purchase.

If you purchased directly either online or at a Trade Show you are automatically enrolled, if you purchased via a third party please register your purchase with us at time of purchase to active the 5 year Guarantee.

We are confident that you will never need to use this. 

* NOTE: Daisy Chain'ing the straps together will reduce their Tensile strength by 50 N / 5 kg force per chained strap e.g:

  • 1 strap 900N / 90KG Tensile Strength
  • 2 straps 850N / 85KG  Tensile Srtength
  • 3 straps 800N / 80KG   Tensile Strength

To activate your 5 Year Guarantee please register your purchase below. This must be completed within 20 days of purchase. If you purchased directly from us you are automatically enrolled.

Complete the form below to register: 

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