About Us

Hi There, Jez here from ADV Products, first a little about me. Way back when, I got the bug for the outdoors, sleeping in Bivvy's with the scouts, rock climbing, kayaking and also motorcycles (motorcross from aged 8 to Rally racing at 30) and 4x4, basically if its outdoors and a little crazy I love it, my bones don't as my ambition has always outdone my ability, but hey carpe diem and all that. 

In my career I have worked for many outdoor brands and motorcycle companies since leaving school at 16, this has allowed me to do some awesome travels from solo climbing Iztaccihuatl, 14 day self support kayak trip of the Grand Canyon, Riding motorcycles in many different countries from Namibia and South Africa to 4x4 tour across Kenya to Botswana and now the biggest adventure my own business! (the latter being the hardest by far!). 

My mission is to bring to you the best product I can find based on living nearly 35 years of adventures.

In 2020 I set up Dual Sport Europe selling fantastic motorcycle products and now I also run under Dual Sport Europe Ltd. ADV Products that is here to source the best products possible split into ADV Straps, ADV MotoBags and a few others that are in progress.

When you buy you are buying from Dual Sport Europe Ltd trading as ADVStraps.com.

If you have any questions I am always happy to help.