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ADV Straps

ADVenture STRAP 86CM - Black

ADVenture STRAP 86CM - Black

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Sold as a single strap

The more you buy the cheaper they are! Just add to cart any combination of size and colour and discount will be applied automatically. 

 ✅   Mega Strong
   ✅   Will not tear
 ✅   Elastic Tension
 ✅   MultiFunction
 ✅   Re-Usable
 ✅   Will NOT get clogged up with Sand, Mud


Do NOT come loose when wet!

Attach, anything, anywhere, anytime has never been easier! - Our strap combines advantages of all systems from cable tie, webbing cinch straps with or without elastic, or a bit of rope - without their disadvantages. Because they can be used with one hand, is flexible like an elastic strap but without the treacherous snapping back and, above all, reusable and they work in ALL conditions! Simply! Brilliant.

Naked facts:

  • 86cm long, 2.2 cm wide and just 50g in weight
  • Maximum tensile strength up to 900 N / 90 kg (test speed 200 mm/min)
  • Elastic fixation band with one-hand function
  • Versatile, durable, tear-resistant, flexible
  • Heat and cold resistant, UV resistant
  • Can be 'Daisy-Chained' together for longer length.

Whether you use our Adventure Straps to secure items to your motorbike, car or bicycle, fix ladders to roof racks or tidy hoses and cables our ingenious Adventure strap has almost unlimited possible uses, but whats more they are robust and work in any condition from the Desert to Siberia! rest assured once tensioned they stay, we believe they are the last strap you will ever need.

You can use them with any Mole system to attach addional pouches to luggage or secure Dry-Bags to your panniers, they are a very versatile strap. 


Additional Information

WEIGHT Just 50 Grams per strap (86cm Length)
SIZE 86cm Long × 2.2cm Wide
Circumference  80cm when on first hole
Diameter 25cm when on first hole


  • VERSATILE: Motorcycle Adventure or Rally Camping (Securing), Car (Securing), Sports (Tie-Down, Bundling), DIY & Garden
  • ONE-HANDED OPERATION: super easy quick release, no snapping back, no scratching
  • SAFE: guarantees a stable hold even with strong vibrations and impacts, even after frequent use
  • TEAR-RESISTANT: Tensile strength up to 90kg (test speed 200mm/min) and yet elastic and flexible
  • UNBREAKABLE: Very durable, heat and cold resistant (-30°/+60°C), seawater resistant, UV resistant




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